15 to 1 With Chris Woods

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Chris Woods

After a brief rest period 15 to 1 is back. Our hot-seated victim this time round is a guitarist who has visited the Island a number of times over the last few years to treat audiences to his virtuoso playing. He returns this Friday to play Quay Arts with former Platform One student Jon Hart.

15. Where are you right now?

At home, sat with my laptop.

14. Dog or cat?


13. What is the greatest record ever made?

Oh come on!?!?!?!….er…. er… Solid Air/John Martyn?…no Radiohead Amnesiac…er no.. er ahhh..that really is a horrific question!

12. Cake or biscuit?

This is almost as hard as the last one!…. er biscuit…. no cake… er…Biscuit cake!???

11. When did you last cry?

When my Grandfather died

10. What is your favourite cheese?


9. If you change one thing about the world what would it be?

Clearly end War…

8. Have you ever ridden a horse?


7. What is the next record you are going to buy?

Sorry, but I really don’t by records any more, I am a Spotify junky… unless I’m at a gig so…. probably a record from an unknown artist

6. What is the key to happiness?

Not sure but I do know that the key ‘of’ happiness is C major

5. Do you need to plug anything shamelessly?

Well, I would like to plug a concert Im doing with the very cool Jon Hart at Quay Arts this Friday… but not sure I ‘need’ to exactly…more of I want too…

4. You have one bullet, no come back, who gets it?

No one….

3. Red or black?


2. North or South?

Not making that choice!

1. Who are you?

Good question…I’m a guitarist and a composer…my name is Chris Woods…and I record as Chris Woods Groove or the Chris Woods Groove Orchestra…I like Brie, Dogs, Biscuit Cake and generally believe that peace is the answer x

Chris Woods plays Quay Arts this Friday with Jon Hart.

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