15 to 1 With… El Morgan

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Those with an eye on the underground folk/acoustic scene have no doubt been floored by the wonderfully talented Southsea songsmith ‘El Morgan’. She’s been captivating intimate crowds across the UK now for several years now, and 2015 looks to be a breakout year for her. It’s only befitting then, that she became the latest victim GUEST on our cruel and unusual INSIGHTFUL FEATURE ’15 to 1′.


15. Where are you right now?

At home


14. Dog or cat?



13. What is the greatest record ever made?

I’m thankfully not in a position where I have to choose, but I really love ‘You Are Freaking Me Out’ by Samiam and I played Placebo’s first album till the tape snapped if that qualifies it as greatest? Ahhh tapes.


12. Cake or biscuit?

Biscuit all day.


11. When did you last cry?

I watched ‘Holocaust: Night Will Fall’ last night. I cried a lot.


10. What is your favourite cheese?

Don’t make me choose.


9. If you change one thing about the world what would it be?



8. Have you ever ridden a horse?

Yes, once. It was more of a small fat pony and I couldn’t make it go.


7. What is the next record you are going to buy?

Though very late to the party, I just heard Sleater Kinney for the first time recently. Probably everything they ever released starting with The Woods as it’s got ‘Entertain’ on it and I love that song.


6. What is the key to happiness?

Not comparing yourself to others.


5. Do you need to plug anything shamelessly?

Visit www.elmorgan.co.uk for all your gift buying needs…


4. You have one bullet, no come back, who gets it?



3. Red or black?



2. North or South?



1. Who are you?

El Morgan. El as in Eleanor, not as in The.


Big thanks to El for being such a good sport. You can catch her alongside the stacked lineup of  Caves, Personal Best, New Architects & Haters at The Edge of The Wedge on March 28th, as well as opening for Dave McPherson of InMe At The Eastney Cellars on May 29th.

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