15 To 1 With Frank Benbini

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UF 2

This week’s guest in the countdown questioning hot seat is a man well known for his stick flailing for the Fun Lovin’ Criminals but comes to us with a brand new single out and an album ready to drop from his multi-instrumentalist alter ego Uncle Frank. We spoke with him midway though his recent tour…

15. Where are you right now?

Southampton, about to play a show.

14. Dog or cat?


13. What is the greatest record ever made?

Too hard but ‘Sign Of The Times’ by Prince is sooooo…

12. Cake or biscuit?

Both, I do love biscuits though.

11. When did you last cry?

Couple of weeks ago.

10. What is your favourite cheese?

Very strong mature cheddar but I like Wensleydale now and again.

9. If you change one thing about the world what would it be?

Make it cleaner.

8. Have you ever ridden a horse?

Yes, many times.

7. What is the next record you are going to buy?

Have no idea.

6. What is the key to happiness?

Little things in life focus on those.

5. Do you need to plug anything shamelessly?

My album ‘Smiles For Miles’ out end of month on Mita Records.

4. You have one bullet, no come back, who gets it?

My old manager…

3. Red or black?

Both love that combo since my 1st pair of Nike Jordan’s.

2. North or South?


1. Who are you?

Frank Benbini, musician.

Uncle Frank’s new album ‘Smile For Miles’ is released by Mita Records on 5th May for download and on cd.

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