15 to 1 with Quest (Deep Medi)

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Welcome to one of our brand-new regular features where we give a severe grilling to an artist we love in the confines of 15 slightly random/pointless/deeply philosophical questions that countdown 15 to 1, for no reason other than it’s the name of a occasionally remembered afternoon quiz show.

So here is our first willing victim, he likes bass, he makes amazing records for labels such as Deep Medi and he’s playing in Ryde on Saturday night for Seasons…he is…well it says on the last question so I’m not going to bother. (er and in the title Ed!)

15. Where are you right now?

I’m in my room listening to Pharrell’s new album, it’s quite pleasant listening!

14. Dog or cat?

Cat, I love how they just don’t give a fuck!

13. What is the greatest record ever made?

This is so hard……it’s between Marvin Gaye- What’s Going On and Pink Floyd- Dark Side Of The Moon

12. Cake or biscuit?

Oh come on, C.A.K.E

11. When did you last cry?

Last month when I was thinking about if was to lose certain people in my life.

10. What is your favourite cheese?

Oh mate, me and Silkie have extensive conversations about cheese! I can’t pick but haloumi, boursin  and blue cheese are pretty up there!

9. If you change one thing about the world what would it be?

I would get rid of the ego, U think that is the route of everything I hate about the world.

8. Have you ever ridden a horse?

Nope and never will, that would be like cruelty to animals if I did coz I weigh a ton!

7. What is the next record you are going to buy?

That’s hard because I don’t really pay for records anymore because I get given most things I’m interested in, but just to support I’ll buy Sepia’s next release!!

6. What is the key to happiness?

The key to happiness in my opinion is to find balance in all things, moderation, not too much of this and that, and also acceptance, being able to accept the bad just as much as the good, and also being accepting of people no matter if they love u or hate you, just accept them for who they are…….easier said than done though lol!

5. Do you need to plug anything shamelessly?

My crew Antisocial (Silkie, Chefal, Swindle, Jay5ive, Mizz Beats, Kromestar, Razor Rekta, Harry Craze, G Double, Dark Tantrums, J Tijn) the new producers I’m feeling (Sepia, Gantz, LAS, Eshone, B.P.D.R, Commodo, Kahn) my family Deep Medi, VIVEK and System family.  check all these guys out! I promote people not events and selfish things.

4. You have one bullet, no come back, who gets it?

Whoever decided it was a good idea to start secret societies.

3. Red or black?

Black (it’s all I wear).

2. North or South?


1. Who are you?

I am Quest AKA Conquest AKA Nerrad AKA Sh@mBles AKA Darren the only guy in the universe! An unsociable guy who has days when he doesn’t want to talk to anyone and days when he wants to talk to the world! Slightly bipolar, slight OCD with dirty things, who has a phobia of octopai and bird shit, and certain patterns, who has a love for lemon drizzle cake and cake in general, and likes nothing more than to get messy with his mates whenever he can, very sensitive, and is internally nothing how he looks on the outside, has a insane addiction to comics and cartoons, and is the most unconfident producer in the world who hates all of his own music. (this would be the worst advert on a dating site).

Quest’s latest release ‘Visitors/Dubfoot’ is out now on Deep Medi and he plays Seasons at The Blacksheep this Saturday 15th March.

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