The Allergies – Calling The Shots EP

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The Allergies are a new funky boom-bap project hailing from Bristol. Those familiar with reggae upstarts “Rackabeat & BarLow” (Responsible for one of my favourite mix tapes of the last few years) will recognize a familiarity in the warm, crisp production values, as we see Rackabeat step out with his new partner-in-crime DJ Moneyshot. The result is an incendiary mix of funky vintage rhythms and modern collaborators. This is sterling stuff, and fans of DJ Format will see a lot of the same ardent love for the history and language of music of the period here.

In fact this shared affection for classic crate-skipping in search of the perfect sample has won them a lot of affection from the aforementioned Format, along with plaudits from tastemakers as varied as Rob Da Bank, Craig Charles, DJ Yoda, DJ Food and Kenny Dope.

It’s a justified celebration too, clocking in at 3 tracks (5 if your version includes the radio edits) it’s a perfectly crafted little morsel. The whole thing flows with an alacrity you rarely encounter these days.

On an EP that flows as nicely as this one, it’s hard to pick a standout track, but ‘React’ (which features guest appearances from Figure Of Speech & The KPS Horns) is an absolute prime example of why you need to keep this band on your radar.

‘Calling the Shots’ is forthcoming on GoodGroove Records, and for now, will be available only on digital download, but this is begging for a white label pressing. Take my money sirs. Take it.


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