Big Hero 6 (Film Review)

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‘Big Hero 6′ is easily the biggest, most commercial film we’ve ever reviewed here at Headfunk Towers, but with due reason. Though, it’s still early days for this fledgling year, It may end up being the biggest surprise of the 2015…

The plot is adapted loosely from the Marvel Comic of the same name, and follows¬†14-year-old robotics genius, Hiro Hamada who lives in the futuristic cultural mashup of San Fransokyo. When his older brother Tadashi is lost in a senseless tragedy, Young Hiro teams up with an inflatable robot named Baymax, and Tadashi’s friends to get to the bottom of what happened.

Those who are fans of the original comic may well be in for a shock. This is an almost total re-imagining of the source material. There’s alot of edits and changes to names, ages and the dynamics between the key characters.¬†Brace yourselves though…

If you can divorce this big screen adaptation from your expectations, you’re in for a real treat. From the very first frame, this is a visually ripe treat, packed with technicolor visuals, warm and engaging protagonists, roller-coaster action sequences and some of the best world creation I’ve seen in modern cinema.


While there is much to praise about the piece, the biggest anchor of the film is the relationship between Hiro and Baymax. It’s this warm core that the entire film is built around. This is essentially a character study of the relationship between a grieving teenager and a sentient robot who just wants to help make the world a better place. If that sounds overly-sentimental, it’s not. It veers close, but always stays the right side of mawkish for you to genuinely root for the pair against all odds.

The whole idea of a superhero team-up flick by this point is a familiar conceit to audiences, and what follows plays out to a degree like an adolescent Avengers. It carries this off with enough wit and gusto for it to stand on it’s own two feet.

After a fair few missed steps in the last decade, This is a fabulous return for Disney to family-friendly action cinema. You can easily see the family sat around the sofa on a bank holiday weekend, and there’s as much here to entertain the little ones as there is the parents and grand-parents.

It’s not without it’s flaws. The pacing in the first half is almost break-neck, and the plot-twists in the final third can be seen coming from a mile away. Inspite of that though this is a film with a warm heart and alot of charm to offer, which is a rarity in big-budget animated cinema these days.

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