Blast Off – Paper Tiger (Album Review)

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Here at Headfunk, We’ve been championing WahWah45 Records for an age now. Dom Servini is pushing some great, forward thinking music with a heavy focus on musicality and originality.
If there’s one word we can use to describe the label’s North Leeds based, 6-peice psychedelic experimental troubadours, Originality is definitely that word. No-one else has a sound reminiscent of ‘Paper Tiger‘. Their limitless scope of sounds encompasses everything from Hip Hop, Funk, Electronica, Grime, Ambient, Dubstep, Jazz, Blues and oh so much more. It’s a multicultural blend of meaty trans-continental rhythms and glitched out funkiness.

It’s a massive step-up from the outfit’s 2013 release. As wonderful as ‘Laptop Suntan’ was, ‘Blast Off’ feels like the band have found their groove. It’s fresh, It’s novel, and it takes no prisoners.
‘Blast Off’ Is out now on WahWah45. You can procure it as both a digital download, or as a vinyl release.

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