It’s A Bomber – Various Artists (Album Review)

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Independent music company Bomber Music hit five years of running their own label this year and to mark this auspicious occasion they recently released a low-priced but supremely high-quality compilation with some of their favourite songs they’ve put out since 2010. It’s a Bomber is an absolute blitzkrieg of a collection and a perfect introduction to a label doing a fine line in alternative/punk/ska/rockabilly bangers.

I must confess to never really knowing anything about Bomber Music before encountering this belting compilation but I’m a convert. Being a huge Pogues fan I’m always up for punk bands who include mandolins, pipes and accordions in their line up and there’s plenty of that kind of action here. This is happily aggressive music, the musical equivalent of an argument that ends with a beer.

Highlights for me include the ska bouncer Up Against The Wall by The Skints, opening track Here Come The Drums by Jaya The Cat, IOW-linked Smokey Bastard’s Wasteland and 7 Day Conspiracy’s utter hilarious and offensive Berkshire Hunt. This last track has me inspired. I think we should all have this on our car stereos ready for the election campaign. We can then follow Tory or Ukip idiots around the streets blaring it out. I digress though…

If you like like your music punchy, driving, heavy but melodic with a hefty dose of humour and awareness then It’s A Bomber should be right up your street. You can grab it from their website along with a load of their back catalogue featuring some belting releases on beautiful vinyl. What’s not to like?

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