Boomtown Fair Launches ‘Boom Village’

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Following the postponement of Boomtown, the organisers behind the 66,000 capacity music and theatrical festival have announced the launch of Boom Village; an intimate music festival packed with celebration, creativity and connection a fraction of the size of the usual event. The extremely limited Tickets to this much-anticipated event will be released this evening at 7pm.

Boom Village is a one off magical, family-friendly and sustainability focussed music festival. Taking place in the Matterley Estate nr Winchester, over the 12th-15th August it will bring music, escapism and creativity to all generations.

For four magical August days and nights, festival goers will be able to explore a hidden world that includes the curiosities of Boomtown’s handcrafted Oldtown district which will be brought to life with the new, vibrant and colourful central Village Square. They will be able to dance on the sandy floors of the iconic sun-soaked Forest Parties, and rest and rejuvenate in the Forgotten Valley; a beautiful space filled with craft, wellness and family entertainment. All of which will be flooded with hundreds of musicians, colourful walkabout performers, parades and theatre shows.

The final piece of the puzzle is the handpicked musical soundtrack reminiscent of Boomtown, which will underpin all of the activity and complete the atmosphere. With a focus on UK artists, the audience can expect all styles of underground electronic music as well as grassroots live bands known from the hidden gems and stalwart small and medium stages of Boomtown.  Explore the areas, stages and musical styles here.

Lak Mitchell, Boomtown Co-founder and Creative Director says: “After starting and stopping 6 events over the past two years we really can’t quite believe this is happening and are so excited to bring Boom Village into the world! We will be harnessing the original Boomtown creative concept and bringing our smaller scale event to life with all the knowledge, understanding and skills that we collectively have gained over the years.  Boom village is going to be truly special on every level.The whole team is working really hard to make sure we emerge into this post-Covid world with a new sense of what it truly means to come together, connect, respect and celebrate.”

Since Boom Village is significantly smaller in size to Boomtown, this has provided the organisers with the opportunity to try out new environmental initiatives and processes on a more manageable scale. As a bold statement to help Boom Village’s carbon footprint, and raise valuable awareness on how to restore balance to the planet and to safeguard biodiversity, the first of the event’s sustainability trials to be announced is that Boom Village will be going meat and fish free. Throughout the show there will be an amazing range of independent food traders offering incredible mouth-watering veggie and vegan offerings that bring with them varying flavours from across the world!


Tickets go on general release at 7pm tonight (Monday 28th June) for £220 (+BF & Ecobond). All ticket information available here.


Boom Village’s main charity partner is Trinity Winchester, and every donation made at point of purchase will go directly to them to help them with their vital work in and around Winchester. The charity addresses the effects of homelessness and vulnerability in Winchester, through specialist practical and emotional support, and proactive prevention, empowering positive change. They have also provided vital mental health services for people in Winchester and beyond throughout the pandemic.

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