Brutalist Records Release ‘Save Our Scene’

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Let’s face it, folks. Things can feel a little bleak right now.  It’s a strange time at the moment, and some of us are struggling emotionally and/or financially.

For some folks, the future is uncertain, but it’s great to see people rising to meet the challenges in new and inventive ways. That’s why we’re absolutely smitten with ‘Brutalist Records’ amazing new initiative ‘Save Our Scene’.

The Portsmouth & Southsea brand have rallied together 23 of Portsmouth’s finest for a compilation to support local institutions affected by the pandemic. Proceeds from the sale of the cassettes (which all come with a handy download code) will be heading to venues, recording studios and rehearsal spaces whose doors are currently closed.

When we say ‘…23 of Portmouth’s finest’, this isn’t hyperbole. Check out the tracklisting below;



In addition to new and exclusive tracks from Headfunk favourite ‘Highlights of Our Modern World’ , Island punks ‘Fat Earthers’, Ban Sumers and more, there’s classics from El Morgan, Horseflies and You’re Smiling Now But We’ll All Turn Into Demons.

Shipping on August 1st, the package comes with a physical tape, a download code, and a t-shirt. Which can be found here.

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