Causeway Bench – Noah (EP Review)

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Longtime devotees of Headfunk will know of our boy Noah. Back in the early days of our sweaty basement parties at Blacksheep, he’d regularly cause all manner of dancefloor disruption. Whether it was as his own solo efforts, Alongside Beavz as ‘Tickle Me Elmo’, or in combination with Beavz and Tim Martin (Now better known as King Stammers) as part of ‘The Playground Syndicate’, The track choices were always eclectic and fascinating.



It makes sense then that this new EP would be just as broad in its flavours. ‘Causeway Bench’  is an EP of material dating back to 2015-2017. A snapshot of when Noah had first moved to London and was missing home. It’s impressive then, that this material feels every bit as contemporary 6 years later.

The EP opens with ‘Mill Copse’. A shimmering, spring-infused slice of chillout that’s taking cues from the likes of Four-Tet and Bonobo. Whilst the instrumentation carries tropical tinges, there’s something very distinctly rural UK about it. It feels warm and earthy.

Up next is ‘Cara’. A co-production alongside another one of our lads – Theo Bennet, AKA Sepia. Cara flows beautifully, with some intricate beats atop some magnificent session keys from Kishon Khan (of ‘Lokkhi Terra’ and ‘Yorkston Thorne Khan’.). The sound design on this one is sublime. Dig out your best headphones and savour it.

The closing track is a ‘Migrants’ by Fredrico Albenese. The 9pm Mix adds shuffling, almost house-y breaks to some gentle keys, and lathers it in layers of organic textures. It’s a real testament to Noah as a producer that he can take something so delicate as the original track, and infuse it with a new energy.

‘Causeway Bench’ is out now on Noah’s Bandcamp, for a ‘Pay-what-you-feel’ Donation.

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