Club Stomp – The Teamsters, BullyBones and The Orders

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Club Stomp

Sometimes in life things conspire that will always ensure you are going to have a great evening, no matter how tosh the outlook seems. This I try to remember as I examined the large quantity of water that was gushing from the sky at house-leaving time. Maybe Club Stomp is just a little too far. Having steeled myself for a soaking akin to standing under Victoria Falls, I step into the final night of January and find an erie clearing of the sky. Mother Nature wanted me to see The Orders!

I arrive at Coburgs to find a healthy smattering of people obviously felt similar sentiments to myself – we wanted a dose of Club Stomp and no storm was stopping us. With time to spare to refresh the essential parts with a light ale I wonder into the main space at the back of the venue and have two simultaneous thoughts. 1. It’s Coburgs and the sound is always awful (despondency returns…I want to be able to hear the bands). 2. How did Coburgs managed to cleanse the Squaddie of all it’s character and charm (it really needs something other than a fancy lighting rig…old gig posters, some history…soooo bland). And then I glance up and see the Island’s finest sound tech in charge and within thirty seconds of The Orders starting I realise all I will be watching for the next half an hour is maniacal drumming and, for once, every act is going to sound like they are meant to.

The Orders are too young to really be allowed and the hype around them seems quite justified. Tight and ridiculously confident, they exude mod cockiness. Yes, they play lots of covers but they are excellently played versions and their own material is slowing being written. In fact their own songs sound a cut above the cover versions. And then there is the drummer, who seems possessed by the spirit of Keith Moon, in all senses except the swimming pool madmen bit.

A quick break for some records from a slightly ‘tired and emotional’ Sparrow before it’s BullyBones time. Opening up with ‘Bedroom’ which sounds huge, deadly and properly stomping, the boys look so accomplished live it’s a wonder they are still here in Ryde. As their set continues I realise they are slowly morphing into a band tailor-made for some sleazy LA club. I’ve never been to America so I’m just hypothesising but it doesn’t take a lot to imagine them soundtracking a crazed Tarantino picture. The new songs sound great, old ones like ‘Shut Up And Make Love To Me’ sound great and apparently the new album is going to sound bloody great. BullyBones for world-domination 2014!!

Another record break this time with Dirty Water Records boss PJ before headliners The Teamsters. Hailing from London, the garage rock trio smash straight into it with an authentic raw sound. Lead singer and guitarist Tom Wing plays a strangely small guitar like it’s alive and they drive through their set to get the crowd dancing and prancing. More Dirty Water DJ action closes out a top evening. Well done Club Stomp.

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