Coach Party – Party Food (EP Review)

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For those in the know, Coach Party have been putting out seriously good indie rock for a little while now, dating back the genesis of the project, under the moniker Jeph. The world may be slipping slowly into the apocalypse, but not even the end of the world can stop the 4-peice from being productive, as they drop the highly anticipated new EP ‘Party Food’.


‘Party Food’ is 6 tracks long, and for those familiar to the outfit, you’ll have a decent idea of what to expect here. Side A starts in bombastic fashion with “Oh Lola’. It’s a beauty of a track. Shimmering guitars nestling above Guy Page’s tight, punchy production. It’s continuing to mine a sound that’s familiar to fans, but with some extra, new flourishes. In many ways, there are nostalgic cues to 90s indie, with elements of shoegaze thrown in for added textural pallets.



Side B kicks off in an energetic fashion with ‘Breakdown’. It just flows in a perfect way. Track two, ‘Space’ has a nice, wide, spacious opener before lurching into battle with distorted guitars and grunge textures. The EP’s closer ‘Red Jumper’ flexes with a glorious bit of well-considered indie pop, that Would fit nicely in a Wes Anderson soundtrack.

For existing fans of Coach Party, What you’re getting here is more of the same. It’s well-considered and playing to its strengths. For those new to the quartet, It’s a solid stepping on point.


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