Darwin & The Dinosaurs – A Thousand Ships (Album Review)

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Darwin & The Dinosaur are a punk band with things to say.

DATD - ATS_Front

What we have here with this new outing from the awesomely named Norwich 4-piece, is A meaty, Well produced slab of Alt-punk. It’s played loud, and with the requisite verve and gusto. Pleasing as well, is the genuine flashes of real, undilute musical skillsmanship in the understated acoustic interludes between some of these tracks.

The Opening track powers forth with a lament on the state of British music scene. It’s Proto-typical pop-punk fare, but it’s Legitimate gripes keep it from being too whiney.

True enough, if you’re not particularly a punk fan, there won’t be anything here to convert you, but for those of us who like loud guitars and acerbic lyricism, there’s alot to take away here. Tracks like ‘Makebelieve’ have enough lurch and crunch to keep the whole process ticking along fluidly.┬áThe album closer is a fitting ending. It’s a Genetically modified beast of a track with upbeat chords reverbing back into singalong choruses. Destined to become an anthemic live show closer.

This is fairly textbook pop-punk. Without being too formulaic or by the numbers. I don’t mean that as a criticism, the boys know what they want to do, and they hit the nail on the head. This is an enjoyable album with a good payoff. It’s as good as anything you’d find Roadrunner Records putting out over this quarters production slate.


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