Direction – Hugh (Track Review)

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Here at Headfunk Towers, we’re MASSIVE fans of the incredibly versatile wordsmith and musician Joshua Idehan. he absolutely smashed his supporting slot with Benin City for Dan Le Sac’s live tour when it crashlanded into the Wedgewood Rooms. ‘Northern Line’ was always a guaranteed crowd-pleaser back in the sweaty, halcyon days of our clubnight. Our friends at ‘Reading Between The Lines’ brought him down to the south-coast for a belter of a spoken word set back in May. Generally speaking, We think he’s the bees knees, and every time he releases new material, we’re all over it.

‘Direction’ is the latest release from Hugh, a 4-piece electronic outfit, currently putting the finishing touches to their first album. It’s an intensely personal and introspective track, in which Idehan explores the emotional disconnect he felt whilst breaking away from his religious views when he felt they couldn’t be reconciled with his support of the LGBTQ+ movement. The track is guided along by some incredible vocal harmonies, interweaving around a wonderfully lush, downtempo electronic framework.

Whilst the instrumental is a great piece of production work, it’s the vocals and the lyrics here that hit the hardest. ┬áIt’s currently streaming on soundcloud, and we promise to keep you abreast of any updates regarding the new album as soon as we encounter them,

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