Ever – Bodies (Review)

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This new release from enigmatic Island singer/songwriter ‘Ever’ contains three tracks of¬†ethereal and deep explorations.


‘Clockwork’, The first track on this triptych is hollow and cold in all the right ways. Her rich, sumptuous voice seems almost to echo back into a casm of dwindling light. We can feel heartfelt emotions laid down on her songbook. Though it is only a short morsel of track, this haunting and powerful.

Track 2 is entitled ‘Bodies’, and sees something more traditional in it’s form from the reverb-laden abstraction of the previous track. This one features beautiful melodies and chords interweaving in and out of eachother like starlings in the sky, as her voice croons atop. Though no less eccentric and quirky, This is warmer and more saturated than the opener.

The triptych is rounded by an acoustic cover of Bodies. Often I’m not a fan of multiple covers on the same release, but here she managed to recontextualise the track, stripping back the layers of automation and production to it’s purest form. Ever brings it back into the frame of the traditional songsmanship that she crafts.

This is a solid release from a talented up-and-comer on the Island’s music scene, and I’m looking forward to her EP later on this year.


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