Fabric’s license is going to review…

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After reportedly having 4 deaths from illegal substance related issues in the venue, the world famous Fabric London have seemingly had the finger pointed at them as being the problem.


Fabric has been announced best club in the world twice by DJ Magazine. “It’s one of the few clubs left in London and it’s a brand that’s recognised and renowned the world over for its forward thinking booking policy, lineups and love of sound.” It has also become a notorious venue for substance abuse, with people claiming it enables and encourages drug taking and even blaming their choice of bookings as being part of the problem.

“Police said Fabric is one of the capital’s most troublesome clubs, with 12 drug possession or dealing offences for MDMA, ecstasy and Ketamine recorded between April and October this year.”

If 12 drug offences being reported on site in 6 months results in being labeled one of the capitals most troublesome clubs then I would hate to think what would happen if they went into V**** in B-town on a saturday night and witnessed some of the revelling cretins in there… Surely they must get more than 12 drug offences in an hour at IOW festival, they had ’the lions share’ of all cocaine seized at festivals in 2012 but I can’t recall this having reported implications on their license? In fact, didn’t they increase their license dramatically that year?

Does anybody know how many people die a year on the island from Alcohol related crimes? I’m pretty sure it would exceed 4…

So with the news that Fabric London’s license will be going to review by Islington council after a request from the Met-Police, I have compiled a list of things that kill more people each year than clubbing…. You can view the license review application which makes for some interesting reading by clicking HERE

The M25 – 1,754 in 2012

The Tube265 deaths on the tube in the past 10 years (excluding deaths from natural causes and terrorist attacks)

London Busses – 1 per day for the last 5 years

Coconuts – 150 a year

Obesity - 1 in 10 of ALL deaths – McDonalds is still open….

Texting – 6000 annually

Autoerotic Asphyxiation – 500 to 1000 annually

In the scale of things, these numbers make the 4 deaths in fabric seem very small indeed. I haven’t seen stories that the M25 is going up for review.

The question that comes with this is what would happen if Fabric’s license was to be altered or even taken away?

My view is that people will do what they choose to do. The same people that intend on going out and taking hard drugs will just find another venue that suits them. This situation appears to me as passing the buck. Would you blame the land lord for someone staying in and taking a large amount of MDMA resulting in a very similar situation?

With that being said what more could Fabric do to ensure these situations don’t occur? They employ two trained medics who are on site for the duration of all of their club events and provide free water and non-judgmental advice from bar staff, stewards and security teams. They run highly visible warning campaigns tackling numerous issues including drug use, safer travel, their harassment awareness initiative run in cooperation with Hollaback LDN and run a Phone Safety campaign (which is now recognisable city-wide across London).

A tremendous amount of support is being shown over on this Facebook page titled ‘Save Fabric London’ gaining over 19,000 likes in under 5 hours

There has been a change.org petition set up as well, head over and sign up if you would like to show your support and keep Fabric going - https://www.change.org/p/islington-council-renew-fabric-s-license


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