Goosensei – Summon EP (Dubs Alive)

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Summon EP Artwork

Dubstep has been through several changes in the ten-plus years of the genre’s existence and it now seems that it has taken on a characteristic of two of it’s music siblings – techno and dnb. Both of these went through a variety of styles with sub-genres peeling off both but it is techno that dubstep’s journey really seems to have mirrored. The Detroit-based beginnings of the original electronic brain infiltrator were warped and corrupted into genres such as trance and hard house, both more throwaway and populist than their cerebral originator. So it is with dubstep, beginning in the concrete jungles of South London before being adopted and adored around the world. Dubstep has had it’s own side shoots, brostep and then EDM taking elements of the original sound (namely the wobble) but filtering out the more meditative elements and replacing them with sounds and styles that suited smashed Saturday night ravers who just want to mosh.

So it is that we now have deep dubstep. Just like techno had its own renaissance crew who went back to the original blueprint  and ran with it again, people like Surgeon and Plastikman through to Jacques Greene and Lone, so now does dubstep have people going back to what made it so exciting and original in the beginning. Of course, many would say the like of Mala and the Deep Medi crew have never strayed from that path, but they were somewhat overshadowed by the wobble crew for a long time.

It’s a delight for me to be finding this rejuvenation of a sound that I can remember back in the early 2000s exciting me at a time when I had my head in a bass-bin at every techno club going as it seemed to be the only electronic sound to have any real innovation and depth. The bass elements, the deepness, the heaviness, the smoked-out space and time; all of these to me are the real excitement that can make dubstep music for any mood or time.

Artist Photo - Goosensei

A long preamble before I come to the actual review I know but thats what listening to this superb EP has made me think off and if music can do that, can inspire and excite on the first listen then it’s usually going to be a favourite.  Goosensei hails from Birmingham and has infused his first release for Dubs Alive with proper dub sensibilities. Listening to it takes you straight into a dark basement or maybe sunny carnival in front of a proper bass soundsystem. Sparse and minimal at points but with enough to keep the interest and the head bobbing at 3pm on a Friday afternnon. What it would do in a club at midnight? I’m seeing it go straight into our boy Ming Da Mercilus’s box for one of his proper bass meditation sets.

There are four original tracks from Goosensei on the release along with three remixes. The originals range from the subtle beauty of ‘Irregular’ through to the dub weapon of ‘Fiyah’. The reworks include a echo drenched version of the lead track ‘Summon’ by Krytikal and a crazed, bleep-fest effort by Noah D of ‘Interrupt’. Huge recommendation and tip. Get this now!

Goosensei’s ‘Summon’ EP is out now on Dubs Alive  via Beatport and Juno amongst other.



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