Halocyan Records presents Universal Quantifier (Album Review)

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Universal album coverDeepness is always something that floats my musical boat in a huge way. The recent recent resurge in proper rootsy dubstep has been a delight for me and many others who didn’t really get very far with the trancey/ravey direction it went for a while. So it goes with techno too. Minimal and everything that went with it gave techno the boring tag it has struggled to shake off once again, for those old enough to remember the loop era of the late 90s with everyone trying to be Jeff Mills (please note: nobody can be Jeff Mills) will remember this happening before. But now with a mind-boggling amount of people up for more cerebral and deep music to loose their minds as well as their feet to techno looks again like the future life plan it once was when it galloped out of Detroit.

LA-based label Halocyan Records is perfect place to go if you are looking for that intelligent but distinctly danceable flavour of techno funk. The label is headed up by Dimitri Ferdadis whose work nurturing experimentalists such as Daedelus and Venetian Snares should tell you enough about his musical mindset. Halocyan Records new 24 track compilation Universal Quantifier is a fresh mission statement from them and a superb dictionary of techno’s now and future feel.

There’s an incredible array of artists contributing tracks, many of which are exclusive to this compilation, including Hackman, Chrissy Murderbot, Paul Woodford and xxxy plus remixers of the highest quality such as techno royalty DJ Pierre and Joey Beltram. It’s exactly what is wanted from an electronic compilation in that there is a balance between all-out dancefloor pummelers and heavily psychedelic futurescapes that have always been a hallmark of proper techno. It’s an album you can utterly lose yourself in.

Highlights are very hard to pick (because it’s that good) but I feel duty bound to share my favourites. xxxy’s Bash, which opens it all up on Disc 1, builds and builds then the bass comes and you can almost here the thanks being passed to dubstep’s bass pioneers for opening peoples minds up to this level of deepness again. Paul Woodford’s 5me0 has a proper techno title and is pure Detroit futurism for two minutes before the thunder comes.  On Disc 2 Matthias Zimmerman’s remix of Huh! from Stabber bleeps and jumps it’s way through four minutes of barminess whilst the aforementioned Mr. Beltram shows he still knows how to make dark and disturbing electronic music.

If you like techno you’ll need very little encouragement towards this but if you are a bass head raised on garage, UK bass or dubstep then you really should check this out as an introduction to the original electronic future template.

Universal Quantifier is released on CD and digital via Halocyan Records on 14th October and you can get hold of  it from Bleep and Juno plus many other quality independent stores. 

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