HeyBus – Class Clown (EP Review)

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HeyBus‘ is the musical pseudonym for Actor, Adventurer & Astronaut*; Andrew McGillan. He also happens to be a very talented singer-songwriter, and Class Clown, his latest EP, is an utter marvel that fell into my hands by a wonderful twist of fate.

If you haven’t encountered HeyBus yet, I thoroughly recommend you remedy that. ‘Class Clown’ may only be 5 tracks long, but it’s left a massive grin on my face that’s point-blankly refusing to leave. What we have here is 5 disparate tracks exploring such diverse themes as the duality of not being able to confirm whether you are, or aren’t a superhero, The importance remembering the safety word during BDSM machinations, and the inherent trials & tribulations that come with being a jobbing actor.

It all flows magnificently, and you can tell it was produced with a lot of love, right down to the wonderfully designed and painstakingly hand-folded paper-sleeves that contain it. Track a copy down, get the kettle on, and give yourself something to smile about.

(*Andy is keen to assure folks that he’s not a fully-qualified astronaut.)

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