APRIL FOOLS: Important News

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April 1st 2016.

Dear Headfunk Massive,

Headfunk has been an almost full-time creative endeavor for us over the last 7 years. In that time we’ve accomplished alot. We ran 4 years worth of barnstorming parties in Ryde. We’ve curated tents for some of the biggest festivals in the UK. We’ve hosted stages at Bestival and Glastonbury. We’ve teamed with the likes of ‘Quay Arts’ and ‘Reading Between The Lines’ to help bring local arts to a national platform. We can honestly say without hyperbole or exaggeration, that it has been collectively one of the most creatively fulfilling endeavors we have ever undertaken. What’s made it so special is that at almost every turn it’s been a collaboration with you, The Headfunk Massive, which is why we feel it is only appropriate with you to share this rather large bit of news with you.

Over the last few weeks, Tom has been in talks with ‘Vice Media LLC’ and after lengthy negotiations, we can confirm that Headfunk, and all relative properties have been purchased by Vice. Headfunk will be replacing Vice’s music imprint ‘Noisey’ as part of a re-branding initiative. For the next 30 working days, there will be a transitional period of downtime to allow Tom, Tim and Nipsy to acclimate to new roles within Vice, where they will be employed full time to oversee creative operations in it’s music department.


On behalf of the entire team at Headfunk, We’d like to thank you for almost a decade of support, and we hope that you’ll stick around with us as we continue this next chapter of our journey.

Thank you.

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