Jon Allen – Deep River (Album Review)

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Jon Allen - River Deep album sleeve artwork

‘Deep River’ is the latest full length release from Jon Allen, the third in his body of solo work and already he’s been described as being an arresting voice.

Theres something warm and familiar to the sound Allen crafts. It’s steeped deep in the heritage of his influences, and you can almost hear the vinyl crackle of yesteryear’s singer songwriters on these tracks. Drake & Dylan’s DNA is saturated into the blueprints of this, yet it manages to be it’s own affair. This is 11 tracks of love, loss and hurt crooned so sweetly it can’t help but grip you and resonate inward to the very marrow of your bones. It finds the insecure little part of you that still hurts from your last break up, makes it a warm cup of tea, feeds it sandwiches and says ‘There, there. It’s ok…’

His musings are certainly echoing with folks. He has a raft of live appearances already confirmed for the Cornbury Festival on Saturday, 5th July, and Kew The Music on Friday 18th July, with talk of a full UK headlining tour in October 2014.

Normally it’s at this stage of the review that I’d talk about stand-out tracks, but it’s a testament to the quality of Jon’s lyricism that you need to listen to this as a singular cohesive body of work. This is an album to put on, close your eyes and let it engulf you like the tides and slowly drift you away to distant shores. There’s much to savour here. This is contemplative music for quiet moments, and the lyrical couplets will fall between the cracks in your mind. You’ll reflect on them for a time. This is a frank, open and refreshing work, and if you allow the time to savour it, there is much to gleam from it.

‘Deep River’ will be released on July 7th on Monologue Records, and is available now for pre-order on CD and digital formats.

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