Ko_Plune – Auditory Atlas (EP Review)

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Ko_Plune are a four piece alternative and experimental/progressive band featuring Carl Edwards, Jack-Hill Jones, Guy Anderson and Courtney Gray. Their sound combines the elements of punk, jazz, funk and prog with atypical melodies and dance orientated grooves, which results in a sound that’s filled with an abundance of sonic textures and dynamic movements that cleverly compliment each other whilst maintaining their own sonic space.

‘Auditory Atlas’ is the bands first EP after the well-recieved ‘Panda’ single back in September. Sonically speaking there’s alot influence drawn from math-rock here with interesting time signatures weaving in-and-out of eachother. Stylistically, alot of islanders will find tones here reminiscent of Headfunk favourites ‘Signals‘, but what seperates the two outfits is Ko-Plune’s lean toward shiny arpeggio riffs, and the distinctive deliver of their frontwoman Courtney Gray.

Right out of the gate, ‘Rare Error’ sets the benchmark for what to expect here. Free-range jazz experimentation syncopatedly flows wildly atop a taught rhythm section, and it blends together rather wounderfully. Alot of math-rock can be rather jarring, but the interplay between the respective members of the band is enough to hold it together in a manner that is fresh, inviting, and playfull.

This EP is 5 tracks of well-written, well performed material, that’s shimmeringly produced, and immensly likable. This isn’t an EP for everyone, music with odd time signatures is never going to be everyones cup of tea, but it would have to be someone immensly grumpy not to find something enjoyable about Ko_Plune’s latest effort.

‘Auditory Atlas’ is available from the group’s bandcamp, and it comes as both a digital download, and a digipack CD.


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