Koloto – Mechanica (EP Review)

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Koloto is the production alias for the mysterious Maria Sullivan, a Canterbury producer who lets her music do the talking, and thankfully, the rich tapestry she sews speaks volumes.

The Mechanica EP is 5-tracks long, and a blissful journey into pastures that are somehow simultaneously glitchy yet acoustic, warmly analogue yet digitally broken and meticulously planned yet delightfully scatterbrained. In conversation, I jokingly referred to this EP as the sort of music Aphex Twin would be making if he had been hugged more as a child, and as facetious a comment as it is, It’s not entirely devoid of truth. Koloto brings alot of heart, warmth and spirit to breakcore-esque rhythms, adding a human element music of this kind often seems to lack. There’s a genuine heart and soul to this EP that resonates outwards from it’s core.

It’s a spellbinding effort that requires a good pair of headphones, time alone, and a good cup of tea. Download the EP, Close the doors and savor this. It’s a real treat.

Mechanica can be purchased for a donation on her bandcamp, and alternatively, can be streamed for free on soundcloud. No word yet on a physical release, but this is begging to be on vinyl, and when it does, my bank manager should worry.



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