Here are a few of our recommended links to music venues, businesses and festivals we think you would be interested in.


Isle of Wight websites -  Ace Island news site that used to be called Ventnor Blog. – Home of The Headfunk Show! - Studio Humbug, run by the brothers Homes, formerly of Jackson Analogue. Water Tower-located musical magicians! – Red Squirrel Studios who work their production magic on a number of artists down in Ventnor town. – Wonderful cultural centre in Newport with a lovely cafe/bar. – Brilliant listings site for the island. – Funnily enough this is all about folk music! – Studio 5a, run by Guy Page and Claydon Connor. – Excellent studio run by former Hole members Dave and Stu.


Soundsystem Hire – Highly recommended soundsystem hire, they provide the bass-heaviness and sound quality to Headfunk nights.


Record Shops

We buy lots of records – here’s a few places we recommend, don’t give Amazon your money. – Manchester institution and all-round bastion of leftfield music. – Former Mancunians, now just online. Great for funk, soul, disco, hip hop and re-edits. – Brilliant and diverse with its finger firmly on the pulse of the UK – London-based home of Soul Jazz Records. This is their own record shop selling their own releases plus a slew of high quality releases. – Legendary London shop and label offering a huge range but especially good for African, Jazz, Latin and other worldly beats.



We love festivals, here are a couple of our favourites. - the wonderful Mondomix festival on the IOW (we are biased because we host the main stage but it gets no better) – amazing kaleidoscope of experiences to be had at one of the only festivals still promoting the true spirit.


Other clubs

We love dancing and here are some of our favourite venues for it, both off and on the island. - The venue for Headfunk, with lots of other great music going on every weekend.  – The King Lud, Ryde. Proper beer and cider plus incredible djs and bands in a pub! Open till 3am!!! – Chibuku Shake Shake, if you are ever in Liverpool go check out this club renowned for its atmosphere and line-ups


Other random stuff we like – Release your inner trainspotter. – Look after your planet people!



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