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iamyank is a producer hailing from Budapest, Hungry who makes an eclectic array of beats and pieces of music ranging from hip-hop/glitch-hop beats, garage & dubstep influenced tunes to deeper electronica music with smooth synths, squelchy drums and warm subby bass. Using an MPC as well as the Maschine, various synthesisers, guitar and even using his iPad to produce his music iamyank samples and layers different and original sounds to create a lot of his percussion which keeps his tracks sounding original and unique.

A couple of years ago (possibly 2011) I stumbled across a track of his on Soundcloud called “Billie Holiday pt.2″ featuring vocalist Dora Hegyi. I was captivated. It sounds fresh every time I listen to it, so many layers and interesting sounds used to create this song.

Recently I downloaded iamyank’s most recent single from his Bandcamp – ‘Flow.’ The track has been created using the same formula and is just as capturing as his earlier music. Check out this video of the track being performed live outdoors in the German Alps.


Another favourite track has to be “We now sleep with all lights on.” To me the track sounds to have been influenced by the likes of Explosions In The Sky, The American Dollar or similar sounding guitar lead instrumental bands (the sound of which take me straight back to high school) and a bassline and string combo that reminds me of Nightmares on Wax. The version of this song up on Soundcloud and Bandcamp is studio produced and sounds incredible! There’s also a version of the song performed as a live band with iamyank on the guitar – see video below.


There’s SO much more of his music I could post up and waffle on about, but instead just go have a listen yeah

Soundcloud | Youtube | Facebook | Bandcamp

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