The Lost Brothers – New Songs of Dust and Dawn (Album Review)

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Lost bros

The lovely Babs (Headfunk official transportation device) is a usually reliable vehicle with one slight fault – she doesn’t like to eject CDs from here 5-disc player very often. This is fine as long as you have placed an album you want to hear in her inner workings but if by mistake a less-than quality collection is inserted, then it’s there for the long haul. It’s a good job that the latest offering from Irish duo Mark McCausland and Oisin Leech is such a fine piece of work as Babs has had it for three weeks and she’s yet to let go.

I have had this album floating around home for a while and had even passed it on to another (nameless) member of the Headfunk massive who passed it back having not been sold on it’s subtle, gentle song structures. I gave it another go with the chance ejection of another disc from Babs one day and suddenly realised I loved it. It starts with the single Spanish Reprise (check the brilliant video below) an usual but superb choice for a single release as the nearest it gets to lyrics are quiet set of oooooos but it’s utterly gorgeous.

The following track Days Ahead heads in to more straight-up territory with the two guitars and vocals of Mark and Oisin melding, as they do for the whole album, as if they are in fact related (they’re not are they??!). Derridae comes next sounding as Neil Young has just popped in for a quick song writing session. Soldier’s Song is one of a number of tracks with carefully arranged brass that complements the understated vocals as well as assisting the feeling of melancholy then imbues the whole album.

There are more uptempo moments between the sadness, such as Walking Blues and Can I Stay With You but what this album is really all about is incapsulated by Nocturnal Tune with it’s slide guitar from producer Bill Ryder-Jones and Hotel Loneliness which has dialled straight in from Nashville. But the thing is, with all this could-be miserablism, this is a total joy of an album that doesn’t aid any depressive feelings, it merely showcases a set of beautifully crafted songs from two songwriters who can tug emotions but still uplift and delight.

New Songs of Dawn and Dust is available on CD/download/LP via Lojinx and The Lost Brothers also have a special Christmas release out that they have request people download then donate to either their chosen charity or Unicef.


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