Mura Masa – Wave/SoleM8′s (Single Review)

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Released on AP Sound, Mura Masa (known to his mum as 21 year old  Alex Crossan) Returns with his latest offering. For those unfamiliar to the prodigious young producer, he crafts richly-textured, highly dance-able anthems that pleasantly avoid the excesses of the more overblown offerings from the EDM community.



The lead track on this single, Waves, is best described as syncopated dream pop. All the hallmarks of Masa’s production shimmer here: Rich textures and unique constructions. Distorted vocals writhe around atop a very singular construction, punctuated by sharp bass stabs. It’s a gorgeous listen, and whilst it somewhat Meanders slightly in parts, that’s not a bad thing. This is a track I can see Shutting down basement parties for months to come, sending ravers home on a chilled trip to end on.

The B-Side, ‘soulm8′s’ opens to the rumbling of taught strings. Ramping up the tension, it Continues with the Rich, densely layered, textured production of the first half. I’m not one for making comparisons, but you could draw parallels with an alternative reality where Burial decided to have a walk in the park and a nice cup of herbal tea. There are some joyous flourishes in this track, such as the Flute-like samples and the Organs. This track drips of summer, and I’m Curious as to see why it was offered up as a B-side. ‘soulm8s’ MORE than has the potential to be a stand out single of its own accord. It’s inventive, playful and uplifting enough. We should all be Expecting this to make a few cheeky appearances in the Bollywood tent at Bestival this year.

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