‘Pas De Piano’ – Julian Wolfreys (Album Review)

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For those in the know on the local music scene, It’s commonly held knowledge that ‘The Nightwatchmen‘ are one of the most underrated bands currently kicking around. Fronted by Julian Wolfreys, the outfit’s darkly-tinged chamber pop oeuvre is a heartfelt and emotional exploration of all manner of factors that bely the human condition.


Pas De Piano‘ is Wolfrey’s latest solo effort. It’s 22 tracks of, as you might expect, piano led compositions. It’s rich, experimental, and music to get lost in. It’s deeply atmospheric. At times grand and cinematic. In my own opinion, Julian has always had a great mind for the psychology of music, and in ‘Pas De Piano’ he rinses as much mood and spirit as he can from a very simple set of parameters.


The 22 tracks on this album aren’t destined for commercial success. They’re ceartinly not going to going into regular rotation on national radio anytime soon. All the more reason then to bask in this album. It’s textured, layered, and rewards repeated listens.
The album is available for download now on Nightwatchmen’s BandCamp page, and every penny of the £7 you pay for it goes toward the ‘Hospicjum Miłosierdzia Bożego‘, A pallatative hospice in Słupsk, Poland

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