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Plastic Memaids Drop Surprise New Track – ‘Painted Lady’

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We’re not exactly shy about our love of ‘Plastic Mermaids’ here at Headfunk HQ. We’ve been banging on about them ad-nasuem to anyone equally as enthralled as us since they’re mesmerizing debut a few years ago now. Headfunk main-man Tom has even opened for them (at their EP Launch Party at Quay Arts back in 2014.)

We’re always delighted whenever the Mermaids herald new audio treats for us, and Hello? What’s this? A new track. Yes please, and Thank you, you sartorially-eccentric psychedelic ragamuffins you.

SO, What’s the track actually like? You can listen to yourselves over at Goldflake Paint, but it seems to be a slight return to the bands more lo-fi tinged material. More guitar driven than alot of the tracks on ‘Inhale The Universe’. It’s still entrancing though. Kaleidoscopic even. With flourishes of piano, orchestral and vocal that embellish the track. Also, it could be wishful thinking here, but this track surely sounds like it belongs in the middle of a longer-form body of work. Can we take this as an indicator that there’s another EP on the way, or maybe even, and I say this with hushed tones of optimism, an album? Time can only tell…

If you move quick, you can catch them at Mutations Festival in Brighton (29/11) and at Electrowerkz in London (30/11). And if you live local to either of those place, we implore you do, because it’s a BELTER of a live show. These also happen to be the final pair of dates for 2015, before the band relax into Christmas, and a well-earned cuppa.

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