Salt Petal – Sea Monster (Album Review)

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Sea Monster

I don’t know about you lot but when I see an email entitled ‘Argentinian Surf Rock’ I get quite excited. That’s not to say that this is a regular occurrence. It’s up there with the other recent favourite ‘Scampi Food Unit’. Unfortunately Scampi Food Unit weren’t a band but Salt Petal are and rather a good one too.

Their latest album, their second in fact, Sea Monster is a rather beautiful and lovely affair. The band are based in Los Angeles and the sunshine just drips from this recording. Couple in the South American roots of a number of the band and you have a proper stew of influences.

The high points of the album come when this South American influence is more pronounced. Cumbia De Billinghurst with it’s ringing guitar and accordion perfectly encapsualtes this. As does Es Dificil with the accordion again to the fore but with a more mornful feeling, that is until we get a slow-mo samba breakdown at the end. Other highlights include Stay A While with it’s gear-changing chorus and Darkest Hours with its late night sadness .

The surf rock feel of the guitars can at some points clash a little with the vocals and the accordion, almost as if the influences are having a battle for supremacy but when they are balanced or more subtle there is a real strength here. Fans of Beirut or Vampire Weekend will find a lot to enjoy here. The album is available from CD Baby and iTunes plus you can stream tracks via their Soundcloud.

Salt Petal

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