Santé – Awake (Single Review)

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Berlin-based producer Santé has been getting heavy rotation recently from some big players. He’s been championed by the likes of UK dance music icon Pete Tong and Sven Vath of Cocoon. With this new release on Ultra, it’s easy to see why.

Tech house is a fickle creature. It takes a skilled and imaginative producer to craft something that rises above the white noise. It makes me a very happy man to say that Defected’s latest wounder boy seems to have done just that. ‘Awake’ cuts a deep groove that wears it’s Hawtin influences on it’s 4/4 sleeve with immense pride without ever feeling too imitative. Atop this lies a shimmering, soulfull vocal that belies a depth to the track past it’s bassline and groove. Santé’s been pretty open about his love of The Cure before, and the inflected, emotional lyrics retain a sense of storytelling synonymous with Robert Smith & Co.

It’s an odd combination, but it undeniably works. It’s something fresh, new, and a sure sign of promising things to come from this producer.

The package also includes remixes from ‘Pablo Nouvelle’ and ‘Agoria’, Both of which are equally worthy of note. Pablo’s retains the vocal and warps it over a different groove. Heavy with the claps and with luscious synths in Major Keys. What it looses in brooding intensity, it more than makes up for in being so damn catchy. ‘Agoria’ takes a different route, lacing his re-imagining  in reverb and reveling in the dark, abyssal bass-line of it’s forebearer.

‘Awake’ is forthcoming on Ultra Records. If you’re into your deeper cuts of tech-house, definatly keep it on your horizon. You can also catch the last few dates of his UK tour below-

28/11/2014 – Sankey’s, Manchester

29/11/2014 – St Jude’s, Glasgow

05/12/2014 – Memorex, Cardiff

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