Smokid Inc. – Smokey Joe & The Kid Ft. Blake Worrell (EP Review)

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Bowling forth from the French wilds of Bordeaux, Smokey Joe & The Kid are a pair of hip-hop heads that take flavors as disparate as Roaring 20′s ragtime & swing, alongside modern UK Bass sounds and turntablism, and toss it into a crockpot, leaving it to simmer.

The result is a heady blend that gets riffed upon. The duo record everything live in one-take using MPC’s and Turntables giving it an organic vibe that seems missing in alot of modern hip-hop records.

Instrumentally, the EP is solid. The combo KNOW what they want, and it’s executed with skill and precision. US Rapper Blake Worrell joins them for 3 of the 4 tracks on this EP, and whilst entertaining and witty, you can’t help but feel like he’s playing second fiddle to the production.

That isn’t to say it’s Blake’s fault. Alot of Worrell’s solo work is great, but it feels like he was thrown into the mix as an afterthought. What could have been a stellar collaboration feels like a jarring blend of two seperate items. Both sources are dependable as their own entities, but it never quite mixes together as well as it should.

Overall, there’s ALOT to savor in this effort. The instrumentals in particular bubble and froth with a ferver that alot of underground UK producers should pay attention too. Though it doesn’t quite come together as intended, It’s still a bold effort, that’s well worth your time.

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