Stina – Call The Guard (EP Review)

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London-based acoustic folkster ‘Stina‘ has been making some bold waves over the last 12 months with her brand of lyrically raw, introspective songsmanship. With a debut EP like ‘Call The Guard’, It’s easy to see why.

Part of the problem with folk-pop is that It’s a path well-trodden. With the likes of Damien Rice, Newton Faulkner and Mumford & Sons having been at the forefront of public consciousness so much for the last decade, the scene often feels so very stagnant. Lots of rehashed musical concepts and lyrics that cover the same subjects ad nasuem,

Stina manages to approach her music with the determination to separate herself from the pack a little. It’s still not re-inventing the wheel, but it’s a pleasent change to hear something just so raw and emotional, and simultaneously, so well-polished in it’s production values.


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