Sunwølf – Midnight Moon

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A mere google search will attest to the traction Leeds duo Sunwølf are gaining. Their abrasive brand of drone/ambient post rock is certainly an acquired taste, but those with an affection for the oeuvre of Arab Straps, Mogwai and My Bloody Valentine will find a lot to cherish here.

The production is gorgeous. Laying down a thick bass heavy foundation, allowing the guitars to shimmer atop, like gold coins at the bottom of a dark well. This is most notable on the albums title track, which for a whole 3 minutes and 15 wears it’s heart on it’s black little melancholic sleeve before lurching forth with heavy riffs, and an all engulfing wall of symphonic noise.

Clocking in at near 50 minutes, it’s a listen that requires you to turn off your phone, make a cup of tea and tune into it. It doesn’t demand your attention, it reaches out of the speakers takes it from you by force. This isn’t listening for timid ears by any means, but the fruits of the duos labors are rich, textured and awash with sonic ideas that captivate.

The pair bring their A-game on the album’s diptych, ‘Plateau Pt. 1′ and ‘Plateau Pt. 2′. It’s as cinematic and brooding as it is Icy and calculating. If your into drone music, this two-parter will argue the case for why Sunwølf might possibly be your new favorite underground band.

You can purchase the album on their bandcamp in a number of formats, including MP3 download, a limited edition tour CD, and a 180g white vinyl pressing that frankly has me salivating in a manner that should leave my bank manager worried. It’s also worth noting that Karl & Co over at Animal Defence Records are working with them to produce something special that will be coming out in late February, so we’ll definitely be reviewing that when it comes out.

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