VASA – Colours (Album Review)

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‘Colours’ is the debut album from Glasgow instrumental post-rock quartet VASA, primed to hit the helves on 16th October 2015

Bowling forth with heavy riffage from the very first track, the band clearly aren’t messing around. The tracks weave in and out of themselves as you’d expect with a release from a label named ‘Wall of Sound’. This is a band that lets it’s reverb and its power chords envelop you, and you’d be wise to savor it in the process.

3 tracks in, and the lead single ‘Fat Ronaldo’ is 5 minute example of this major chord goodness. It clearly defines what the band do, and how they go about it, even if it smacks a little of Mogwai on Jager & IrnBru.

The outfit are entirely Instrumental, with a sound that is well produced and punchy. Not necessarily to everyone’s tastes, but alot of fun. Speaking of the influence behind the theme of the album, the band were struck by guitarist Blaine Thompson’s experiences of anesthesia when they were deep in the writing process; “When we were talking about the songs and ideas for the album, we found out that Blaine assigns colours to the songs he’s hearing, so we’ve followed up on that by making sure there are a lot of nods to colours in all of the creative aspects of the band.”

Those looking for the emotional ebbing & tiding of ‘GodspeedYou!BlackEmperor’ or ‘Explosions In The Sky’ will be surprised. This album takes the bands Celtic musical heritage and transplants it in a vibrant world full of electric guitars and shimmering orchestration.

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