Welcome – Message from the Editor

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So welcome along to our revamped, all-new, remixed, reversioned  music blog website. Over the next few weeks, months and years we will be keeping you informed all everything musical and artistic that we love or that tickles a little of our fancy. It’s looking a little sparse at the moment but the we intend to build a range of stories, reviews and information about music around the Island and around the world.

There will be track, album, gig and film reviews, features on interesting and diverse artists, interviews, delves into the past with classic or undiscovered gems looked at again. We hope you’ll find lots to interest and entertain you as well as inform you. If you have some music or a gig you would like to have reviewed or a band you’d like featured please get in contact. We don’t promise to provide any coverage but we will definitely have a listen. Also, if you have a gig or a night or an event to promote please forward a poster or image and some brief details for us to add to the events diary.

Headfunk has been going for over four years now and we have mutated from just an irregular night into many different off-shoots with lots of people involve to a greater or lesser extent. We hope that all the different tastes and interest of our collective minds will give a broad range of views and ideas, just as any good music blog should! We love so many styles and genres between us. Some of us have some experience having written for other blogs like Vectis Radar (big ups to Den and all the crew there) whilst others are just starting out and if you feel you’d like to contribute please get in contact.

Over the coming weeks you will see articles coming from many different writers or contributors. Some will be occasional bloggers, others will become our regulars but all will be putting over their views and opinions without any commercial bent or influence. We aim to be independent and balanced but there maybe certain thing we feel strongly about to cover with a little more bombast. If you disagree or feel we are missing something or someone please feel free to comment or email us, we will aim to reply.

We are all doing this because we love music and want to shout about it, we don’t get paid so please remember this isn’t a professional blog, it’s there for the love.



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