Who We Are


Welcome to Headfunk!

We are a collective based on the Isle of Wight and this is our music/arts blog with news, reviews, opinions, rants and strange dribbling from our massed minds. Together we have a wide field of view for differing styles of music, art and entertainment. On this site we hope to direct your attention to some of our favourites, whilst programming your mind to avoid the unoriginal, the mainstream and the commercial.

We occasional leave our dark caves of ranting to play at, curate or promote various gigs and festivals from rock ‘n’ roll to jazz to afrobeat to spoken word to bass and beyond.


Here’s a few of us to say hello to…


Tom Headfunk


Tom’s love of music started early with his unforgettable sets on his Fisher Price record play at the age of 3. Fortunately he managed to find some real bands he liked eventually.

A collector and lover of vinyl from an early age led inevitably to the desire to play these records VERY LOUD at other people and make them like them. After spending years having an audience of 1 he got a break through Bestival’s annual dj comp. He didn’t win but it fired a desire to get off his backside and get a regular gig so he began Headfunk as a party night. After 6 months of successful gigs he spotted start-up internet radio station Vectis Radio at the local arts centre and dropped in a recording of a podcast made with some friends…the long-held desire to be John Peel (mumbling, playing records at incorrect speeds and loving it) was satisfied.

Fast forward 7 years and the parties are back after a break but Tom is just the resident dj now, the radio show trucks on with loads of regular guests and he has spent the last four years having his dream gig come true with a yearly slot of all-vinyl spinning at Glastonbury Festival’s Cornish Arms.

Tom can be found djing at other people’s parties as well as curating tents at festivals, comparing the Mondomix main stage and generally just loving music more than ever. His tastes and dj sets can be anything from afro grooves or latin funk to ambient soundscapes or hard-driving rock to bass culture.


TJC Martin


TJC Martin is an award-winning filmmaker, VJ and writer from the Isle of Wight. Once described by (a very drunk) Jaguar Skills as “…the fucking renascence wrapped up in a cuddle”, he’s always ready to wax lyrical about music, art or film over a good cup of tea. He has been the visual mastermind behind the live visuals at Headfunk nights and in our tents at IOW Festival.

In 2014 he pulled out his clipboard and started his now-infamous Reading Between The Lines spoken word night in his poetic guise of King Stammers. Bestival acclaim and a slot straight after Howard Marks’ final appearance followed. RBTL has now become a collective and King Stammers a much-sort-after host for a variety of events.

Tim now resides in Ventnor from where he masterminds RBTL, our Headfunk nights,  Mondomix Festival’s spoken word and, along with Paul Windridge, the visual side of the event.




Nipsy has been a lynchpin of the Island music scene for many a long year. After apprenticing under Dan Damage at the Squaddie, Nipsy kept it going with memorable nights such as Happy Feet and as part of the crew behind Ryde Theatre. He has put on artists from Roy Ayers to Dr. Syntax to Aloe Blac to Ergo Phizmiz.

His vinyl collection is legendary and he can be found spinning anything from garage rock to deep funk to heavy hip hop or giving us all a lesson in dub culture with his reggae sets. He also owns Russ Abbot’s Atmosphere on 7″.




Brooker Prize winning writer Smithee is currently penning the follow up to his award-winning debut ‘A Coat For Goat’ in a shed somewhere in Seaview. Whilst waiting for the muse he has amused himself writing for short-lived news organ The Isle Of Wight Candy Press but found it mildly demeaning. He has agreed to an occasional column on this publication provided we cover his Buckfast costs next week.

He doesn’t listen to music and hates everyone.


Noah Priddle


Was once a regular performer at the infamous Headfunk parties which created a pathway into the Island’s scene of music lovers.

Currently DJing, soundteching and teaching in London Taaaan. Lives in a bedroom brimming with vinyl & a selection of noise-making utensils. Starting parties and playing many festivals has moulded what’s happening now with curating at Mondomix Festival & Bambaataa.

Huge fan of TLC, Bonobo, Minnie Ripperton and Noisia.